How to Steer Your Career into Tech

If you are thinking about transitioning into a lucrative tech career, this is a perfect time. Many tech companies are growing quickly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, like retail stores or delivery service companies. If you don’t like your job anymore, or lost it due to the pandemic and find yourself with more free time, then start doing something productive. 

The faster and easier way to start your tech career, if you don’t want to spend four years getting a bachelor’s degree, is by enrolling in coding bootcamps. All of these skills can be learned at an average of six months. And, all are in high demand in the tech world, which will ensure your future career.


React is a JavaScript library that allows developers to easily build user interfaces with blocks called components. It was developed by Facebook and is maintained as an open-source project. JavaScript is a crucial part of all the interactive features on websites. This language is used with HTML and CSS to create beautiful and animated websites we are used to. Plus, by learning React, not only will you be able to build web applications and sites but also mobile applications with React Native.

One benefit of learning React is the feature we use to build blockchain elements like smart contracts. Blockchain is a fairly recent technology that has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. So, by learning this skill, you will be making a very successful path for your tech career.

React is included in most web development courses. But, General Assembly offers an online React development course in the part-time modality for just 10 weeks. Students will learn about the JavaScript library including components, JSX, states, props, how to build multi-page websites, and much more. General Assembly also offers a complete web development course and has more than 25 campuses. It offers several payment options that include ISAs, deferred tuition, upfront payments, monthly installments, and loan financing.

Software Development

Software development is a wide branch in the tech industry. Software developers design, create, deploy, test, and maintain all the software for our devices but they can specialize in creating operating and hardware management software. They develop programming software like Android Studio or Pycharm and application software like Microsoft Office and Photoshop.

Because the skill can be used almost everywhere in the tech industry, it makes studying it a good choice. You could become a software engineer or developer and later decide where you want to go. Software developers can later specialize in product management to have an even better job position. It just a matter of what your career goal is.

Microverse offers a very good software development course with no upfront cost. It also offers a collaborative environment and global opportunities for remote positions after graduation. Students will learn JavaScript, Ruby, databases, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, algorithm, data structures, and much more. Students only start paying the course after finding a job with a salary of at least $1,000 per month.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing revolves around promoting a product or service online. It has many different methods like email campaigns, SEO practice, social media management, ads platform, and so on – the choice depends on the type of marketing strategy and the audience you want to reach. Digital marketers can do all that and more as they are experts in planning and deploying marketing strategies to help brands reach their audience.

Digital marketing is a good path for a tech career as it has many options and it doesn’t necessarily have to be related to programming.  If you are a creative person and want to steer your career in tech, digital marketing is a good option. Plus, it has a place in almost any industry you can think of. All companies need a good marketing strategy after all. 

Thinkful offers a six-week digital marketing course to learn the fundamentals, how to plan marketing campaigns, branding, content and email marketing, and much more. Thinkful offers ISAs for tuition and living stipend, monthly installments, loan financing, and upfront payments. The school gives its students one-on-one mentorship and helps them build an industry-worthy portfolio. Study with Thinkful and choose between more than 50 campuses or their online options.


Python is a multi-purpose programming language that supports different programming types, which makes it multi-paradigm too. It has many applications in different disciplines but is mostly used for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Python is a high-level language, which means its syntax is easy to understand because it resembles human communication.

Python can be used for scientific and numeric purposes and web development with Django and other frameworks,  GUI applications, software development, and more. It is an excellent option for your first programming language. It is really easy to use and learn, and with a wide range of applications, it can open many opportunities in tech. 

Because Python can be used for many purposes, this language is taught in different courses. For example, IronHack’s data analytics course teaches Python among other skills. Students will learn the fundamentals in programming and statistics, APIs and web scraping, databases, and more. IronHack lets its students make payments by income-sharing agreements, upfront payments, or ask for loan financing.  It has campuses in different countries and the option to do online courses.

In Brief

Invest your time and money in something that will give you a short-term reward. Coding boot camps and online courses are the perfect examples of how to learn a new skill fast or at your own pace. It is in your hands if you want to learn about React, software development, digital marketing, or Python. The hardest part is deciding to begin, after that you will have a professional certificate and a new career in tech in no time.

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