Business Continuity

Compuville Business Continuity is an extension of our Enterprise Backup which provides the peace of mind of having Virtual Standby Servers in a datacentre. In the event of a full outage of your main servers, our Business Continuity enables staff to keep working from anywhere in the world via an internet connection.

9 out of 10 clients who take up Business Continuity do so for the following reasons:

  1. Legal compliance to maintain an offsite Disaster Recovery solution
  2. Contractual obligations to meet Service Level Agreements with their customers

The remaining 10% of our Business Continuity clients use the service to protect their business operations and also their reputation. Taking a worst case scenario, how much will it cost you for every full day you are offline? How much is it worth to you and your customers if you could be running in under 1 hour following a major server failure?

Our Business Continuity also includes an annual Disaster Recovery test to ensure the failover process works as expected, and also to comply with many compliance and contractual stipulations.

  • Extension of our Enterprise Backup
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Includes remote data center infrastructure
  • The best solution to minimize business interruption

Comparison of our Disaster Recovery, Enterprise Backup & Business Continuity services:

 Disaster RecoveryEnterprise BackupEnterprise Backup with Business Continuity
Local server restoreYYY
Dissimilar hardware restoreYYY
Max onsite snapshot scheduleDaily15 min15 min
Offsite copyQuarterlyDailyDaily
Replaces existing backup solution YY
Direct access to backup volumes YY
Direct access to backup Exchange DB YY
Exchange item recovery YY
Virtual Standby Servers in datacentre  Y
Annual DR Testing  Y

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