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Infrastructure as a Service provides a complete cloud infrastructure that allows your business to utilize enterprise grade technology without having to pay for software, hardware, licenses and IT management services.

Cloud Infrastructure is the perfect way to receive the benefits of a dedicated server without the capital expense, hardware maintenance contracts, backup management and capacity planning headaches.


It’s also a great way to provide consistent performance for remote applications across multiple locations as well as a standardised platform for remote staff. If you’ve ever had branch office staff complaining about poor system speed due to the servers being located in head office, you’ll know this can be a major productivity killer.


Compuville Systems can deliver cloud infrastructure from Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) or our own private cloud services. If you need to connect cloud infrastructure back to your in house servers, we can do that too.


  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Canadian Data Centres


Also speak to us about your data connectivity requirements to ensure you have the most appropriate internet service to provide you with the best possible cloud experience.

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