Disaster Recovery

You may have a very effective backup system which backs up all your data and is able to restore files and email very quickly – but, if your server dies how quickly can you restore the entire system and have your business operational again?

A key difference between backup and disaster recovery is this: backup will restore individual files back to where they came from, whereas a disaster recovery system can restore your entire server to somewhere else.

Backup systems are intrinsically connected to the system they’re protecting. Change the system (such as replacing server hardware) and the backup software can’t restore anything until the server is running again. This will require:

  • A new server – either physical or virtual
  • Original Windows server installation disks
  • Documentation of your original server configuration
  • Available technicians to set up the server
  • Setup of the backup software
  • Finally, restoring the data, possible days later

The obvious problem here is data loss and time – how long will it take you to be operational again, and how much data will you lose? Reducing the data loss window and shrinking the recovery time from days to hours is where disaster recovery solutions excel.

Our Disaster Recovery is designed to augment your existing backup solution – keep what’s working and add the ability to perform fast server restores should the worst happen.

Our Disaster Recovery services are very cost effective and provide the following for your peace of mind:

  • Dedicated onsite & offsite NAS storage devices
  • Daily server imaging
  • Daily monitoring of server imaging status
  • A quarterly swap of onsite/offsite NAS devices

In the event of a major disaster such as a fire, the offsite image, together with your last offsite backup are used to quickly restore your server to a working state on any physical or virtual infrastructure.

If you require an offsite disaster recovery solution for compliance or contractual reasons, see our Business Continuity service.

Comparison of our Disaster Recovery, Enterprise Backup & Business Continuity services:

  Disaster Recovery Enterprise Backup Enterprise Backup with Business Continuity
Local server restore Y Y Y
Dissimilar hardware restore Y Y Y
Max onsite snapshot schedule Daily 15 min 15 min
Offsite copy Quarterly Daily Daily
Replaces existing backup solution   Y Y
Direct access to backup volumes   Y Y
Direct access to backup Exchange DB   Y Y
Exchange item recovery   Y Y
Virtual Standby Servers in datacentre     Y
Annual DR Testing     Y

If you have any doubts about your current backup systems, contact us today for more information about our Disaster Recovery

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