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Enterprise Backup

Compuville's mission is to deliver the most helpful and cost effective
IT Advice and Support Services to Canadian businesses and organisations

Effective offsite backup is the cornerstone of any data protection strategy. Most businesses will have some form of backup, but as data continues to grow and new technology becomes available, is your backup strategy still effective?

Indications your backup strategy is due for review, before it’s too late:

  • All your backups are onsite with the server
  • You don’t know when you last had a full successful backup
  • Your backups are running all night and into the working day
  • You don’t have enough capacity to back up everything
  • You can’t restore directly to a virtual image for disaster recovery
  • You can’t backup or restore individual emails from Exchange server
  • You don’t know when a test restore was last performed
  • You needed to restore a lost file but couldn’t locate it on backups

Our Enterprise Backup is a managed service with dedicated onsite hardware designed to provide the following:

  • Fast onsite backup with daily offsite replication to our Canadian data centre
  • Onsite disaster recovery imaging
  • Multiple snapshots taken per day with no service interruption (eg. Up to every 15 minutes)
  • Application aware backups (eg Exchange, SQL Server)
  • Live access to backed up data during restore (no waiting)
  • Hands-off, managed-for-you backups and test restores with monthly report
  • Confidence in full data recovery

If you require an offsite disaster recovery solution for compliance or contractual reasons, see our Business Continuity service.


Comparison of our Disaster Recovery, Enterprise Backup & Business Continuity services:

Disaster RecoveryEnterprise BackupEnterprise Backup with Business Continuity
Local server restoreYYY
Dissimilar hardware restoreYYY
Max onsite snapshot scheduleDaily15 min15 min
Offsite copyQuarterlyDailyDaily
Replaces existing backup solution YY
Direct access to backup volumes YY
Direct access to backup Exchange DB YY
Exchange item recovery YY
Virtual Standby Servers in datacentre Y
Annual DR Testing Y

If you have any doubts about your current backup systems, contact us today for more information about our Enterprise Backup

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