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Remote Desktop and RemoteApp can help businesses reduce costs and save time. In a few words, Remote Desktop enables you to connect to a session-based desktop using an Internet connection from virtually any computer, tablet, or smartphone. The computer you access is located on a cloud server, in your provider’s datacenter. You can install multiple desktops on one cloud server to reduce your management tasks and improve your efficiency.

Rich Desktop Experience:

  • Access your Windows desktop, applications and data just as you would from the office.
  • Experience rich sound and graphics without any noticeable latency.
  • Redirect local printers, USB hard drives and other resources with ease.
  • Enjoy unlimited helpdesk support for your virtual desktop environment
  • Access-Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Access-Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

  • Access your virtual desktop remotely from any PC, Mac, iOS or Droid device.
  • No matter what machine you are working from, your desktop is always the same.
  • Call now to speak with a Virtual Desktop Specialist: 1-866-300-5151

24/7 Managed and Monitored Security

  • 24/7 Managed and Monitored Security
  • Authentication and encryption of all data sent between you and your virtual desktop is secured by SSL/TLS.
  • Managed Fortinet | SonicWALL | Cisco firewall appliances with unified threat management.
  • Physical servers reside in a highly secured datacenter with 3-points of security.
  • Client systems are private platforms located on completely isolated and secure networks


  • Keep your business running even during a power / internet outage.
  • Physical Servers reside in state of the art facility and feature: HVAC protection, backup power, and 99.9% uptime.
  • Physical servers are monitored 24×7 and also feature hardware redundancy.

Latest Technology

  • Enjoy the latest version of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows without ever having to pay an upgrade fee.
  • Servers are regularly maintained and replaced to ensure performance is never compromised.

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