How to Choose an IT Support Provider

Choosing Outsourced Tech Support is No Small Task

Making the decision to use a third-party IT provider is a major step, with just as many risks as rewards. Outsourced IT providers can potentially save companies time and money with their services, but a poor provider will do nothing but slow down your communications and impede your technical efficiency. It’s essential to do plenty of research—and answer some important questions—before settling on any one service provider.

What is Your Growth Capacity?

When searching for a third-party IT provider, it’s important to know how much volume, storage, and growth your company needs, and then compare it to how much the provider can handle. Don’t just settle for a provider that can handle your current volume. If outsourcing works the way it is supposed to, your company will experience growth. Make sure your IT provider will be able to make that transition with you.

Will There Be More Service Options in the Future?

It is important to consider how technologically forward-thinking your third-party IT provider is. With technology advancing about every six months, your chosen partner should be able to talk to you about their most recent service advancements, which IT trends they’ve been following, and what services they are looking to add to their repertoire as they become available.

How Available Are They When Issues Arise?

The most important factor to assess before signing any contracts is whether a prospective provider offers a personal representative for your business, available by phone or email anytime, and/or a 24/7 customer service line that is able to handle all major issues.

At Compuville Systems, we offer all of these advantages and more. With our help, you can expect efficient solutions to hardware issues, constant performance monitoring for your servers, and remote desktop assistance and repair. To learn more, contact us today at [email protected]

Compuville Systems provides managed IT & IT support, cloud computing and IT resourcing services to businesses throughout Toronto, as well as across Canada.

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