How to choose a credit card processor

There are reasonable credit card processing software applications and programs out there today. Before you decide which one to use for your business, there are some important factors to take into consideration. The credit card processing software of the present day is an essential tool for most businesses. Use this article to learn about some important things to consider before getting started with your payment solution.

Factoring in Transaction Fees to Your Net¬†Transaction fees can make or break your business by cutting into your overhead costs and reducing your return on investment. However, under this same biding premise, premium merchant services providers will often charge a bit more for their fees, and that’s because their services are: premium. Generally speaking, you can expect to shell out about 2.5% on transaction fees, and perhaps less when a pin intimated debit transaction is made. Expect to pay around $1.50-$3.00 for every $100 that you process. Be sure to factor this cost into your prices, so they are more relative of the true net profit that you can expect to generate from each sale.

Does the Provider Offer Flat Free Transactions?
Generally speaking, there are some providers that offer flat fees for credit card processing software. Some makers of credit card processing software even offer processing and reasonable fees for merchants. Your best bet here is to look around and compare providers. For the most part, they all generally disclose their fees. If they offer flat fees, they can vary and have certain limitations or exclusions attached. So be certain to read the fine print and know what you are agreeing to beforehand to prevent any confusing or hefty bills in the aftermath.

How to Train Your Staff to Reduce Transaction Costs
No matter what credit card processing software that you are considering using, there are simple methods that you can put into place to reduce your fees that you eat when you process transactions. Train your employees to ask customers to use the pin pad on debits, as opposed to credit transactions that will cost you more to process. Offer gift cards, certificates and even monthly memberships to reduce fees. Force minimum credit card transaction orders of X amount to ensure that each sale is profitable after fees.

Why Integrated Credit Card Processing Software Streamlines Your Business
By all means, if you want to reduce your managerial headaches and strains, seek out credit card processing software that integrates with your POS and accounting system. This will not only streamline your sales facilitation, but it will also help you more accurately track sales, cost, profits and loss. Not to mention doing wonders for your quarterly reporting requirements.

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