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Web Defence

Compuville's mission is to deliver the most helpful and cost effective IT Advice and Support Services to Canadian businesses and organisations

Web browsing is a necessary tool for many businesses, but there are 3 main issues which are difficult to manage:

  1. Security – detecting and blocking malicious websites & downloads.
  2. Compliance – blocking access to restricted material such as pornography & gambling.
  3. Reporting – understanding what websites are accessed which could cause compliance issues.

In addition to the above challenges, many staff work away from the office, so how can a single solution address these from any location?

Web Defence is a fast cloud-based web protection service which works the same for all staff, no matter their location. All web browsing passes through the Web Defence System before reaching your PC, laptop or mobile device.


  • Highly performing, scalable service based in Canada & US data centres.
  • Stops viruses, spyware, Trojans and other threats from entering your business.
  • Detailed on-demand, or scheduled reporting.
  • Policy based access for specific groups or company wide.
  • Equally effective for remote or roaming staff.


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