Five Ways Your Small Business Data Security Can Benefit from Cloud Computing

If you’re considering tapping into cloud computing for your small business or are already there and are worried about how safe your data is, we have some reassuring news for you. There’s been a lot of debate about whether or not the cloud is safe but, for small to mid-sized businesses, the security is often much more robust than you can afford outside of the cloud in your physical data repository.

 Here’s five ways that your data may be more secure on the cloud than in your server room:

#1 Physical Security

When your data is in your server room, there’s likely a basic lock on the door (if that) and perhaps a basic security system in your building. When your data is in the cloud, it’s not floating out in space – it’s actually being stored remotely on enterprise-grade hardware inside a billion dollar facility guarded by barbed wire, state of the art security and guards who know what they’re doing. That’s a big plus.

#2 State of the Art Equipment

Small to mid-sized businesses just don’t have the budget to implement top tier solutions and purchase enterprise hardware and then upgrade it as needed. Companies that specialize in data storage and security in the cloud do so because it’s their bread and butter. You’ll have all the advantages of the best data security money can buy without bankrupting your budget to get it.

#3 Expert Data Management

Cloud data storage and security is way more complex and secure than a DIY solution at your office because the storage provider not only has great equipment and physical security, but they have expert technical staff. Servers and security programs need updates, patches and ongoing monitoring. The cloud storage provider will have pros working 24/7 to keep your data safe and secure.

#4 Focused Security

Patches, updates and pre-packaged security software and services that small to mid-sized businesses can afford are more general and don’t address targeted and trending threats. On the flip side, because data security is their stock and trade, cloud storage providers make it their business to not just react to data risks that crop up but to proactively be on the lookout for and developing safeguards against them.

#5 Secure Your Data Before You Store It

It’s true that cloud stored data has had some issues – Dropbox and iCloud both have had some breach incidences. But you can easily add one more layer of encryption to make your data not only safer in the cloud but less apt to be accessible to surveillance and spy programs. You can use a low cost program like Boxcryptor to encrypt your files prior to storing them in the cloud for a double layer of security.

If you’re concerned about the security of your data, network and systems, contact Compuville Systems for a free consultation on keeping your data out of harm’s way affordably so you focus on your business.

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