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Email Defence

Compuville's mission is to deliver the most helpful and cost effective IT Advice and Support Services to Canadian businesses and organisations

Email is a critical business communication platform, but it is also open to attack and abuse from spammers, viruses and worms. Even hosted solutions such as Gmail and Office 365 can benefit from an extra layer of protection.

Send & receive email while your mail server is down! By taking advantage of the Message Continuity option, if your mail server/Gmail/Office 365 is down, you can read the last 60 days of email via a web console from where you can both reply to and send new emails. All emails synchronise to your primary email system when it is next available (up to 30 days).

The Email Defence System is designed to work with any email system (including cloud email) to protect your business.


  • Located in Canadian and US data centres
  • Spam blocking with 1-click release from quarantine
  • Virus & worm scanning
  • Content & attachment filtering
  • Outbound message filtering
  • Group based management via policies
  • Message encryption using Transport Layer Security
  • Message Continuity option

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